About us

We observe the world
and help our clients develop their business.

We work with the media
and always provide them with accurate and valuable information.

We talk to people
because we like interaction and want to learn how to live up to their expectations.


SPECTATOR is a boutique communications agency with the following fields of EXPERTISE: the legal, medical, consulting and finance sectors.

We have been consulting small and medium-sized enterprises as well as big companies and providing them with active communication services for years. We are aware of the fact that public relations and reputation building require a lot of time and effort. We are here to make building your brand identity exciting and worthwhile.
Fascinated by today’s rapid technological development, we also recognise the need for preserving important values and conveying a coherent message. This is what reputation building is all about.

Jakub Zadrożny

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Karol Chorąży

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Our philosophy

First things first: In-depth analysis, 360-DEGREE VIEW

The starting point for each project is a full understanding of our clients’ enterprise. This is why we carry out an in-depth analysis of each and every business, taking into account its goals, expectations, environment and the market on which it operates.


Only detailed information obtained during the analysis stage allows us to provide our clients with valuable advice and effective communications services.


Maintaining a good relationship with clients is crucial and requires an acute understanding of their businesses and needs.

The clients should not waste time explaining the peculiarities of their work to the advisers, who should draw on their prior knowledge and experience.


We consider the proverbial “chemistry” between us and our clients as a basis for successful cooperation. We build steady relationships with our clients and enjoy spending time with them.


We understand that our clients spend most of their time managing their companies. Time is money. This is why we have adopted a proactive approach and take on the responsibility of communicating current developments on behalf of our clients.


The modern world is changing at an unprecedented rate and becoming more and more complex. In order to understand and keep up with these changes, professional services are becoming increasingly specialised. For this reason we focus on providing communications advice for companies in the sectors which we have gained considerable experience in, i.e. the legal, financial, consulting and medical sectors. This allows us to fully grasp our clients’ enterprises and their expectations.


In the era of post-truth, half-truth and a general truth decay, we aim at sending reliable messages that show the world the true and good side of business activity. Our clients deserve to stand out in a sea of understatements or simply irrelevant information.


We have deliberately opted for a smaller business because of the flexibility and short reaction time it offers. Both of these aspects are major success factors in our ever-changing world. For us all clients are strategic. Therefore, we devote undivided attention to each and every project.


Nowadays poor quality and cheap prices seem to prevail.

However, we believe that the communications sector can overturn this negative trend. When making important decisions, no one wants to be bombarded with untrue and unverified information.

Our mission is to build an enviable reputation for our clients, making them stand out, be heard and cut through media noise. Providing high quality information in the sectors we work for is not only a mere duty, but also an indicator of prestige and reliability.


360-degree view is a comprehensive approach to efficient communication in business.
We have developed our own business compass which has proved to be an effective cooperation tool and produced lasting results for our clients. Our business compass consists of three levels:

SPECTATOR observes
Our aim: carrying out a strategic analysis of the company.

Our aim: developing a personalised strategy.

SPECTATOR takes action
Our aim: implementing the strategy and obtaining the desired results.

We always personalise our offer and services according to the business expectations of our clients. Before making a concrete offer we ask our clients the following fundamental question: what activities are crucial for conducting business in your enterprise? Depending on the answer, we offer our clients a vast array of possible measures to support their business activities, e.g. corporate communication, expert placement, crisis communication and internal communication. For the sake of providing coherent communication we often have to create a new complex brand identity from scratch.


The service sector is the backbone of any developed market economy. Most people find employment within the service sector and it is the driving force of domestic business. Unfortunately, the service sector also remains largely invisible. This is a pity, since as the largest sector of the Polish economy, the service sector satisfies all the daily needs of the Polish people. Our passion and challenge is creating the brand identities of interesting and promising entities on the service market.


Does money like silence? Not always. Financial institutions are responsible for the money we entrust them with. Therefore, they should communicate their actions, be transparent and trustworthy. An excellent reputation and trustworthiness are key aspects, which allow them to conduct business and attract new clients. We make sure they enjoy such a reputation.


Although advisers and consultants are considered to be skilled professionals within their fields, many people think they have no idea how to run a business. We want to show the world that our clients are successful because they have gained considerable know-how within the business sectors they work for. This makes them exceptional advisers and inspires us to do the same for them.


A number of legal restrictions limits the scope of traditional advertising applicable in the medical sector. In addition, the medical sector touches upon a socially sensitive area of business activity, since human health and life are usually at stake. Moreover, the medical sector is regulated by the state, which makes it subject to continuous change. A reliable communication strategy should take all these limitations into account, but also treat them as challenges, which can be turned into both communicative and business success. That’s exactly what we do.


A number of legal restrictions limits the scope of traditional advertising applicable in the legal sector. This makes both planned, regular communication with the market and the environment as well as creating a brand identity all the more necessary. We have learned how lawyers conduct their everyday business and how they attract new clients. The insight we have gained allows us to adjust the adopted communication measures.


SPECTATOR effectively fosters relationships with major journalists and the stakeholders in the legal sector.

Allen & Overy Arkadiusz Pędzich/Managing Partner of Allen & Overy for Central and Eastern Europe

SPECTATOR maintains a close relationship with clients and knows what they need.

Copernicus Capital TFI S.A. Marcin Billewicz/CEO of Copernicus Capital TFI S.A.

We are impressed by the effectiveness, professionalism and high flexibility of SPECTATOR.

Brokerage House of Bank BPS S.A. Cezary Iwański/CEO of the Brokerage House of Bank BPS S.A.

SPECTATOR is a solid, reliable and competent company, which carries out its duties very well.

Copernicus Securities S.A. Marek Witkowski/CEO of Copernicus Securities S.A.

Thanks to our cooperation with SPECTATOR, our company has gained image benefits.

Mazars Renata Stefanowska/Marketing &Communications Manager of Mazars Poland

SPECTATOR is best characterised by the personal involvement of its partners.

Praktiker Marta Ziobro/Marketing Manager of Praktiker Poland

We value SPECTATOR and its experts for their excellent knowledge of the advisory market.

Paczuski Taudul Andrzej Paczuski/Partner, Paczuski Taudul Tax Advisors

SPECTATOR can be proud of its unique experience in creating and implementing effective communication strategies.

Collect Consulting S.A. Radosław Polowy/CEO of Collect Consulting S.A.

SPECTATOR smoothly navigates through the complicated maze of the health care sector.

ZARYS International Group Paweł Ossowski/Vice-President of the Management Board of ZARYS International Group

SPECTATOR has been supporting us in providing education on the concept of a family office for 5 years and has allowed us to achieve our business goals.

Lorek Pawlak Family Office Rafał Lorek, Mariusz Pawlak/Partners, Lorek Pawlak Family Office

We highly recommend the company SPECTATOR and its partners Jakub Zadrożny and Karol Chorąży as reliable business partners.

NAVI GROUP S.A. Bartłomiej Mateusz Sobolewski/CEO of NAVI GROUP S.A.


ul. Nowy Świat 41a
00-042 Warsaw

Jakub Zadrożny
Email: jakub.zadrozny@spectatorpr.pl
Phone: +48 504 002 453

Karol Chorąży
Email: karol.chorazy@spectatorpr.pl
Phone: +48 505 716 720